How it works


Discuss work issues with a trained peer counselor via SMS text to 510-674-1414 or live chat.

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 Get free and confidential support for critical work moments


STEP #1 // Start a chat

Text 510-674-1414 or click on the chat icon.

We’ll connect you with a trained peer counselor within 2 minutes during business hours (8:30am-8pm PT, every weekday).

Talk to real people, working professionals who have gone through selection and training.

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STEP #2 // Get immediate support

A peer counselor will introduce themselves, ask questions, and reflect with you.

To protect your privacy, please don’t share personally identifiable information about your workplace or coworkers.

Get support not directions. You know yourself and the situation best. We’re here to be your thought partner and sounding board so you can find a path forward.


STEP #3 // Feel empowered to take the next step!

Sometimes it may mean taking a walk on your break. Other times it might mean talking to your manager, beginning a job search, reporting the situation, or collectively organizing with other workers.

Your next step is what works best for you.

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We recommend an incognito browser for web chat to protect your privacy.

My peer counselor helped me think through my goals, and made me feel better about my situation. I felt heard and not judged. It was like a good therapy session all on my phone.
— Worker navigating whether to stay or leave job

 We’re your confidante, coach, and partner during your toughest work moments


Need help handling a conflict with a co-worker? Grappling with an ethical question? Preparing for your review or your next career move? We’re here for anything that feels challenging, overwhelming, or tough at work.

Here are some of the issues we hear about frequently:

  • Toxic, hostile, negative, or dysfunctional workplaces

  • Personal conflicts with managers and colleagues

  • Bad bosses

  • Bullying, intimidating, disrespectful, or demeaning behavior

  • Job change or transition

  • Questionable leadership decisions

  • Unethical behavior

  • Work stress and anxiety

  • Value misalignment with company or team

  • Microaggressions

  • Low job motivation or satisfaction

  • Harassment

  • Discrimination

  • Isolation and feeling alone

  • Unreasonable expectations

  • Performance feedback

  • Pay, hours, or benefits issues


 Learn about our volunteers


Peer counselors are working professionals. They generously volunteer their time to support people through critical challenges at work. They come from diverse professional backgrounds and are motivated to give back. All go through a selection process and receive robust training to prepare them for the role.

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Ready to talk with a counselor?

We’re here. Share your work challenge and walk through possible options with a peer counselor.