Facing a tough issue at work can be confusing and isolating. Share Empower Work with someone you know, and let them know they’re not alone. A trained, compassionate peer counselor is just a text away.

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Email or Text Our Number

Email: Send an email to someone you know.

Text: Save us to your phone and send the contact card to a friend. Or simply send the number: 510-674-1414.

Nominate a Peer Counselor

Know someone who might make a great peer counselor? Email us at contact@empowerwork.org and we’ll personally send them an email saying they have your vote of confidence!

Engage Your Employer or Community

Would your co-workers or community make great peer counselors? Could your members benefit from a resource like Empower Work? Talk to your company or organization about partnering with Empower Work to promote healthier workplaces for everyone.