Empower Work is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization truly focused on supporting employees. Our mission is made possible by a generous group of funders, donors, and supporters. Together, we're helping people feel heard and empowered in the workplace.

Organizational Donors

Individual Donors 

Jennifer Habig
Jill Habig
Nancy Heinen
David Hirsch
Renee Jackson
Daniel Kilduff
Julie Lein
David Leonard
Hannah Levy
Lisa Lin
Linda Lymburn
Silvia Mahan
Michael McGeary
Michael Merritt
Travis Moore
Eric Motylinski
Mae O'Malley
Robert Orthman
Ernest Ostro
William Pietri
David Rabinowitz
Todd Rakow
Angelica Ramos
Meghan and Bill Reilly
Rachel and Jake Saperstein
Kate Schaffer
Sarah Scheerger
Debs Schrimmer
Jessica Silverman
Calleen Simon
Robert Sofman
Katie Stull
Jessica Till
Igor  Tregub
Stacy Vorkink

Sam Arons
Jonathan  Axelad
Monique Baena-Tan
Bryan Barnett
Julie Barton
Jyot Bawa
Katie Bethell
Becca Blazak
Robert Bodnar
Adam Borelli
Larry Borelli
Lauren Brisbo
Carly Brown
Jennifer Burdick
Mira Chokshi
Stephany Collamore
Daniella DeVera
Stephen Dodson
Gene Dolgin
Heather doshay
Noah Doyle
Sarah Emond
Flora Fiorillo
Sarah Fisher
David and Laura Flink
Eric and Amy Fowler
Earl and Sandra Fowler
Jaime-Alexis Fowler and Adam Borelli
Alexandra Fox
Alice Francis
Kalen Gallagher
Lauren Giunta
Kevin Gottesman
Rebecca Graff
Kip Wainscott 

Pro-bono Supporters 

In-kind Supporters 

Discounted Services


How to Contribute

We gratefully accept donations via credit card, ACH transfer, Bitcoin and check. Please visit our donate page for more information.

Empower Work is fueled by tech tools that have been generously donated or discounted by our supporters. This helps us stay nimble, efficient, and results-driven—so we can provide our users with the highest level of service. 

Want to discuss other ways to give? Send us an email at contact@empowerwork.org. We'd love to hear from you!


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