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What People are Saying


“What draws people to Empower Work is the opportunity to engage with a living, breathing person, one who understands workplace experiences, like bullying, unbearable bosses, or the fear of failing.”


“Jaime-Alexis created a non-profit to help folks navigate those challenges. Those challenges can be negative, like a conflict with a co-worker or positive, like getting two really good job offers and not being sure which one to take. Whatever the challenge, Empower Work connects you to volunteers who help you figure it out.”


“Employment attorney Renee Jackson, an Empower Work board member, counters that much of the value of apps like the one on which she works lie in helping employees feel supported and find the resources they need. As issues like sexual harassment dominate headlines, employees may not know where to start if they’re experiencing an issue.”


“[Empower Work] allows users to talk through a workplace problem with actual trained professionals via a text and web-chat platform, rather than risk being overheard on a harassment hotline.”


"I keep thinking about all of the times I could have used a service like this... How many times at work have you felt just totally stuck and you didn’t have anybody to talk to?"


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When things go wrong at work with Jaime-Alexis Fowler

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Founder Profiles

“Every day I wake up knowing that our team, our volunteers, our advisors and our board are helping people navigate overwhelmingly challenging work situations. From surprise performance reviews to unexpected meetings with HR to questionable business practices to distrust for a manager to ongoing microaggressions, what people face in workplaces across the country is extraordinarily complex.”


“In terms of what’s next: more support for more people. We’re expanding significantly, building up our volunteer base, reaching more texters across the US, and building new partnerships with affinity, professional, and industry groups.”