Announcing a new partnership with Omidyar Network

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Omidyar Network to reach more people across the tech industry with our immediate, anonymous text support for challenging work situations.

Since starting in 2017, Empower Work has supported people across a range of industries, with tech being the largest represented.

Omidyar Network’s partnership will expand our ability to support people grappling with work challenges. We’re at a critical moment, particularly in tech, to shift how we empower employees. We provide a space to talk through issues ranging from subtle gendered comments to concerns about ethical product decisions. Our goal is that every user leaves a conversation feeling supported, and most important, empowered to take an action that makes sense for them.
— Jaime-Alexis Fowler, executive director of Empower Work

Omidyar Network joins a dynamic group of founding funders, including The Pineapple Fund and over 100 individual donors.

Omidyar Network is pleased to support Empower Work in their goal of providing employees with the tools they need to navigate difficult work situations. Through this partnership, Empower Work will be able to more fully expand their services to the tech sector and have the resources necessary to analyze and assess how their tools can shift product development towards more responsible outcomes.
— Yoav Schlesinger, chief of staff of the Tech and Society Solutions Lab at Omidyar Network

Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm dedicated to harnessing the power of markets to create opportunity for people to improve their lives. Tech and Society Solutions Lab is a new effort that draws on the organization’s long-standing belief in both the promise of technology to create opportunity and social good, as well as concern about negative outcomes that can result from this innovation.

Tech and Society Solutions Lab tests, builds, and scales interventions meant to help the tech industry better anticipate, prevent, and correct issues arising from the downsides of technology–and perhaps more importantly–maximize the industry’s positive contributions to a healthy society well into the future. To learn more about Omidyar Network and the Tech and Society Solutions Lab, visit, or follow on Twitter @omidyarnetwork #PositiveReturns.

For more information about Empower Work contact To access free, immediate text support text 510-674-1414. Our peer counselors are available from 8:30am-8:00 PST, Monday through Friday.

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