Creating healthy workplaces where employees are valued, supported, and empowered.

About Empower Work

We provide confidential support for people facing tough, non-legal work situations. Anyone in the U.S. can immediately connect with a vetted and trained peer counselor via text or web chat. As a mission-driven nonprofit, any revenue we generate goes back to ensuring we remain free and accessible.

To connect with a peer counselor

Text 510-674-1414 or click on the web chat icon on the bottom right corner. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 8pm PST. Support is only a text or click away.

Our Approach

We do not provide advice, but rather support each person to think through the situation, provide larger context, and consider options for how to take action. Our goal is for every person to leave feeling empowered with a next step that works for them.

Our peer counseling model draws on best practices in coaching and strengths-based management focused on active listening, reflection, and positive inquiry. We also connect people to vetted information and resources if needed.

Over 90 percent of users say they feel better after talking to a peer counselor, and that an action they took resulted in the impact they intended.

Our Story


In 2017, Empower Work set out to answer the question: how can we better support people at work?

Tough work situations are universal, but the resources to navigate them are not. Nearly 95 percent of the people we surveyed said they'd experienced a significant work challenge--and half left their job as a result.

The employees who are impacted the most? Those with less social capital such as women, LGBTQ+, first generation in their family to go to college or join an industry, people of color.

What if every person could get help when they experienced a micro-aggression or feared being fired or was grappling with an ethical question, or had exciting job offers to choose from but couldn't make a decision? How would that change someone's success in their role, career trajectory, or economic opportunity?

Empower Work was born from the belief that every person should have an advocate to support their professional journey and equip them with the skills to successfully handle complex work challenges.


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