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What's it Like to Text with an Empower Work Peer Counselor?

Facing tough issues at work can be emotionally draining, confusing, and stressful––like you’re stuck under the clouds. As the first confidential text line for work issues, Empower Work is on a mission to support people through their toughest, stormiest moments by helping them find a next step that feels right. If you have a non-legal issue that’s impacting your ability to thrive at work, the peer counselors with Empower Work can help.

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I'm an HR professional and gained valuable insight through volunteering

This post is part of our peer counselor Q&A series which shares the perspectives of our talented volunteers. Tracy is an Empower Work peer counselor and a human resources professional focusing on engagement, development, and leadership.

What Tracy sees as some of the benefits of volunteering with Empower Work: “I’ve had the opportunity to directly apply some of the lessons I've learned through my volunteer experience in my career. For example, I incorporated a bias training across my organization. I've also changed my coaching approach when working with managers and employees––I now work harder to help them develop their own solutions rather than simply providing answers.”

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Five Reasons to Volunteer with Empower Work

Empower Work volunteers support people as they grapple with some of their biggest challenges at work. Sometimes that might mean navigating a difficult conversation with a boss; other times it might mean weighing the pros and cons of leaving a job. Hear why you might want to volunteer from Jennifer Habig Ph.D., Empower Work Board Member, and a coach, consultant, and trainer in leadership and organizational development.

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Using My Executive Coaching Skills in a New Way To Help Others

Hear from Jennifer Habig Ph.D, who has been an executive coach, consultant, and trainer in the areas of leadership and organizational development for over 15 years. She has launched executive coaching programs in multiple countries, worked with clients like T-Mobile and Intel, and supported countless friends and family members through tough work situations, and has joined Empower Work training other peer counselors.

“When I started volunteering with Empower Work — an organization that provides free, anonymous, text or web chat for people facing challenges at work — I was looking for a way to use my skills to support underserved populations, people who may never have access to a coach, mentor or support at work.”

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