Reaching people where they are with the help of pro-bono partners!

At Empower Work we strive to reach people where they are, whether it’s on a bus commute, in the bathroom, or a break room at work—and now in an office elevator! Texters have told us that they appreciate how quickly and discreetly they can connect with a trained peer counselor, and we’re listening.

Thanks to Captivate, millions of people will see the PSA below in their office elevators throughout the month of June. If you spot one, let us know! Email us at or tag us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

Since we launched, we’ve reached people on buses, light rail, bus shelters, office buildings—and everywhere in between—thanks to generous supporters, champions, and partners.

Special thanks to those who have donated ad space and support—including Intersection, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Sound Transit, Captivate, PVBLIC Foundation, and Clear Channel—to make this a reality. And thanks to pro-bono support from Odysseus Arms, and discounted services from PickFu and illustrator Camellia Neri, we’ve had the opportunity to create, test, and launch PSAs that truly resonate with the people we serve.

Want to help us reach more people where they need us most? Contact us at, or check out these quick and easy ways to share!