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Connect with a trained peer counselor immediately and anonymously via text or webchat. 

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What workplace issues can I talk about? 

Our peer counselors are here to talk about anything that feels challenging, overwhelming, or tough at work. Maybe it’s handling a conflict with a co-worker or managing work stress. Grappling with an ethical question. Or preparing for your review or your next career move.

Think of us as your sounding board, confidante, and thought partner.


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Thank you for being a sounding board for me in the midst of a truly horrible, awful, depressing work situation. You helped me figure out my next steps so I didn’t feel quite like I was drowning. You rock!
— anonymous user
This is an excellent resource. Much better than spitballed advice from my friends. Also important for people who don’t really have people in their lives to go to for work advice.
— anonymous user
I didn’t feel like I had any resources. I was really worried. I would have liked to talk to someone and say this is how I’m feeling, is this reasonable? Does it look ok on my resume if I leave? I don’t have resources or support professionally or even to talk through the financial part of leaving a job with my student debt.
— recent college grad facing a challenging situation at her first job

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