An employee engagement opportunity that gives back in the community and the office

Be part of the solution by engaging your employees in a meaningful, skill-building volunteer experience that helps bridge the access gap.

HOw It works

Empower Work trains peer counselors to support people through their toughest issues at work.

Volunteers receive robust training in active listening, conflict management, and coaching and hands-on guidance from Empower Work staff.

After completing the training, they spend at least two hours a week supporting people who reach out via Empower Work’s text chat hotline. Volunteers reinvest their skills back in the workplace—supporting your bottomline.

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I have really started to think about the way I respond to people at work...When people come to me I try to ask probing questions and figure out what the real problem may be rather than assuming.
— Rachel, Empower Work Volunteer

Together we can build healthier, more inclusive workplaces. 

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